Car loan: 5 things to know before reselling your car

Preparing for the sale of your car means knowing the market in which your vehicle is positioned.

In which price range does it evolve? Is this a vehicle sought by collectors? Is it just good for breakage?

1. The general appearance of the vehicle is essential


Taking care of the exterior and interior appearance of the car is imperative before resale. Either you do the cleaning yourself, or you hire a professional who will give you a car “like new”.

This may save you a lot of time and the purchase of expensive cleaning products. Compare the costs.

2. Take stock of your mechanical maintenance

2. Take stock of your mechanical maintenance

Your vehicle must meet the requirements of the service book. Check the date of the last oil change and the condition of the filters, air conditioning, brakes, battery.

Then check your tires for wear by gauging the wear indicators with a dedicated tool. The correct operation of all the lights is compulsory: dipped beam, brake, indicators, without omitting the interior spotlights.

Pay attention to the state of the starter. Nothing worse than a car that does not start during a test!

3. Leave no stone unturned


Be careful with the operation of the radio and its reception. If the repair or change of a radio device represents a significant sum, this is not the case of an antenna which changes in a few minutes in a garage.

Isn’t the vanity mirror cracked? Does the sun visor accomplish its mission? Do the windows lower and raise normally? You are ready to sell your car.

A car that sells well, plus financing like a car loan, are the guarantees of a successful transaction for the purchase of a new car! You can take out a used car loan.

4. Determine the sale price


The Argus value of your vehicle depends on many factors that are difficult to grasp: model, options, the origin of the vehicle, obsolescence, mileage. But you will get a base price. You will be confronted with that of many professionals who buy used cars following a free online estimate.

If the price seems reasonable, take it as an indicator. No more. During an appointment at the company’s garage, their manager will validate this rating up or down. If the price is right for you then sell your vehicle immediately. You will be paid by bank transfer or check within 48 hours.

5. Prepare the right papers

5. Prepare the right papers

The compulsory documents can be downloaded from the website of the Ministry of the Interior. The only deadline to be provided concerns the technical inspection in the case of a sale to an individual. It must not be older than 6 months. If you sell to a professional, there is no need to prepare his administrative documents.

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